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"Never underestimate the power to empower"

Empower others
Sam Prendergast

Our company believes everyone matters regardless of your relationship with us. You may be a customer, You may be an Approved Retail Partner or one of Business Coaches. Your status is irrelevant. What we care about is You!!  We strive on building great relationships.

"Look after your people and everything else will follow"

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"Why fit in when you where born to stand out"

Our mission is to provide the products, tools and training to our sales partners to surpass their expectations and succeed creating their own sustainable and profiting business.

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We offer over 700 products with 98% Vegan Friendly. We are a repsonsible company who never test on amimals (just friends and retailers) We have many products that are EXCLUSIVE to Krizma. From our ever popular Soap Sponges to Wax Melters your sure to find something that you will enjoy


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Don't Be Afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try!