Welcome to Krizma!

Krizma Cosmetics Ltd

Based in Darwen we where in corporated in August 2018 and started trading from September 2018. With a Direct Sales model we have expanded our business to include over 3500 self employed retailers. We have recently started trading with the Repulic of Ireland and there are plans to move into other European Countries in the near future. 

A forward thinking and innovative company we respond to our customer needs. With the introduction of 4 different account types to include customers, wholesalers and then our retailers. We offer a comprehensive Coaching plan for anyone wanting to build a sustainable business. Check out our Trade with us section 

Krizma Brands

We currently have 6 brands within the Krizma catalog offering "something for everyone"

Our Company Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the products, tools and training to our sales partners to surpass their expectations and succeed creating their own sustainable and profiting business. We want to inspire and empower anyone to achieve their personal and business goals whatever they may be, big or small.

Our Company Vision

To become the number 1 partner for aspirational entrepreneurs, nurturing, inspiring and rewarding them to achieve their personal and business desires.

Our Purpose For Our Sales Partners

To empower our Retail Partners to achieve their dreams

Our Purpose For Our Customers

To deliver an amazing sales experience and provide products  that they’ll want to buy again and again


Our Ethics and Morals

We pride ourselves on the way we do business, from the product offering to our business coaches. We are morally driven and from day one we havent changed this stance. As a people first, inclusive organisation we ensure this is a shared moral with our supply chain.

Our Products

Our products are 98% vegan. 

We pride ourselves on sourcing ethically produced and supplied products

We never test on animals just friends and retailers

Our awards